Buildings are complicated structures with many factors that affect their integrity. Working together with our engineers, cost consultant and partners, we conduct in-depth assessments of existing spaces. Through these assessments we can make informed and prioritized recommendations on their status, potential, rehabilitation, renovation and cost of work.

From the fa├žade, to windows and doors, to the structural integrity and mechanical and electrical  systems, we pay close attention to every detail when performing the work. No matter how small a detail may seem, it can have a monumental impact on the longevity of the building. Our experienced team analyzes every detail by itself and together with its surroundings to make well-informed recommendations to our clients.


Safety is a fundamental guiding principle that steers our assessments and recommendations. We use our in-depth understanding of buildings, technology and the environment to ensure that every decision we make considers the safety and longevity of the space.


As a full-service firm, our multitude of experience empowers us with a foresight to see the many elements that can affect the space in the future. This way, we make proactive decisions to mitigate any potential issues for our clients.

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