Fundamentally, Architecture is an amalgamation of the artistic, technical and innovative, guiding us through the creation of meaningful places . At L7, we bring together inventive design and responsible technique to create architecture that is suitable  and challenges the status quo. With our vast experience, we strive to lead with our entrepreneurial spirit, paving the way for innovation in architecture. Our mantra follows the principle that ‘good design does not cost more money to construct’ and we thrive on utilizing budget effective materials with correct detailing to elevate the quality of the building.

L7 Architecture is about people. Our team of professionals  brings great knowledge and passion  to all we do. While creating quality buildings to call home, corporate offices for improved teamwork and developing places for innovative thinking to spaces for community engagement, we understand the unique requirements of each project. We implement each as an opportunity to impact the people that use them and the community as a whole.


We believe in working together with our partners, our clients, key stakeholders and the community. We lead this process by listening. A collaborative effort ensures that we are accountable  as a team, with the same end goal of building quality spaces.


At the forefront of our process and minds is always the final product. Our decisions are intentional, using the aesthetic and business goals of the project as a guiding force that shapes our process.

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