At L7 Architecture we specialize in Rezoning and working through the design, legislative and authoritative administration.  We navigate our clients through the process, reviewing the complexity and negotiating a ‘win-win’ situation for all through the collaborative effort.

With our experience and expertise, we approach each project in a hands-on manner and use our past success to plan what is best for the site. Whether it is traversing city bylaws or rezoning or subdividing the site, we offer our clients a comprehensive service that will help them achieve their goals.


At L7, we work closely together with the planning authority through rezoning projects to ensure that we are ultimately serving the common purpose of creating positive spaces in the community. We meet regularly and communicate succinctly to shorten the approval process.


We take pride in our experience in rezoning projects, allowing us a deep understanding of legislation and regulations that helps us make informed decisions and recommendations for our clients.

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