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Block 109

Building Type

Multi-Family Residential


Block 109 is a clean-lined contemporary apartment building along the prominent 109th Street corridor to Whyte Avenue and the Edmonton downtown core. The 60-unit infill apartment building draws inspiration from the neighborhood and cultivates a prominent corner site with a multifaceted design that breaks the larger mass into a traditional plinth base design with an upper split mass that is accentuated with a folded plane ribbon.

By incorporating a 2-storey plinth at street level, this 6-storey plus underground parkade building actively preserves the neighborhood scale while contributing a new and exciting landmark that engages at the pedestrian and street traffic scale.

An elegant fusion of distinct masses, Block 109 offers engaging, street-level facades on all sides. A prominent entrance on the 109th Street fa├žade greets residents, with more private apartment entrances on 79th Avenue through private terrace gardens. The top floor is recessed back on all sides to create a penthouse-style loft.

Consciously rooted at a thriving intersection of Edmonton street life, Block 109 offers the dynamic culture of this neighborhood a new, vibrant anchor point of gathering and growth for many years to come.

Role of Respondent

Prime Consultant / Architecture / Interior Design

Team Members

  • Michael Sheehan
  • Sonja Dutra
  • Gavin Hordyk
  • Valden Palm
  • Robert Arnott
  • Daniel Hayashizaki
  • Amber Bown

Services provided

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